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Why 12 days of X-Files?

Because we're obsessed. Because we miss xf_santa. Because we want Philes everywhere to have another place to celebrate The X-Files, "in the bleak mid-winter."

Because wendelah1 is positive some wonderful fan writer somewhere once wrote a Phile version of "The 12 Days of Christmas." Now, if only she could find it...

The 12 Days of X-Files will run from January 1-12. This is completely arbitrary.

There will be a sign-up sheet, but if you forget to sign-up, and you are a member, and you still want to post on a particular day, it's all good. Just let us know. Anyone can sign up for any day. No limits. It would be lovely if every day was covered but I have a contingency plan if they aren't.

All fanworks are welcome: fanfiction of any length from a double-drabble on up (that's two hundred words); fanart, including icons, banners, and story illustrations; fanmixes and fanvids of any length; podfic would be great. Why isn't there more podfic of our stories? Meta? Absolutely! Episode reviews? Fantastic! Fanfic recs? You betcha. If you only have time to make five icons, post 'em. No theme is necessary. Every episode and character is fair game.

If someone with more graphic skills than I possess would like to make us a sticky banner/and or a pimping banner, that would be lovely. In the meanwhile, here's one to use. I have no idea how to do that thing where you make it link here or how to make a table that just makes it for you. Anyone? Feel free to hotlink this if you need to do so. Done! Thanks to memories_child.

If you have questions, this is the place to ask them. If you have suggestions on how to make this more awesome, this is where to make them.

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(Copy & Paste Below for LiveJournal Codes.)

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