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On the eleventh day of X-mas

On the eleventh day of X-mas, Mulder gave to Scully,

Eleven lucky guesses,

Ten vampires biting, nine zombies dancing, eight urgent phone calls,

Seven flukemen swimming, six red-shirt sheriffs, FIVE FAKE I.D.S,

Four UFOs, three Gunmen, two snide retorts

And a global conspiracy.


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Jan. 11th, 2013 06:39 pm (UTC)
I know! I can't believe it's almost over either. It's been good to see a stream of XF-related posts, even if half of them were mine. *g* We have to plan more X-Files-related events in between this and xf_is_love, either that or try to get more Philes to turn out for multi-fandom events, like the upcoming [community profile] gen_battle and I suppose the porn battles, which I always forget about prompting. Oh, and halfamoon. I should do prompts again for that. Maybe something for Scully's birthday? Or something for the anniversary of the pilot? The 20th anniversary of the series is coming up this fall. We should be celebrating Mulder's birthday every year. Maybe try a comment ficathon? I keep thinking we need a friending meme, too, something to help us locate other, active Philes here on LJ. I tried to add everyone who signed up (who wasn't already on my flist). I don't mind the fandom being smaller. I just want people to interact and participate. I was able to get memories_child to sign up with me for [community profile] galentinesday but if I hadn't, I wouldn't have been able to participate. Maybe I'll make a post about this here at the end and maybe at xfiles.
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